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Rocky Canyon Rd
Boise, ID


8:00 – 6:00



8:00 – 6:00



First-Time Visitor

We invite you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings as nature intended. When we take off our clothes, we feel the freedom of self, an openness to others, and lightheartedness of spirit that, in other places, is not possible. We at Bare Mountain believe that nudism fosters a wholesome, natural attitude toward the human body. Beyond that, we believe nudism is probably one of the best relievers of stress caused by our maddeningly fast-paced society and culture. When we are nude, we are no longer factory workers, attorneys, IT geeks, fry cooks, or executives. We are human beings among other human beings, all sharing in the commonality of the nudist experience. Social and economic barriers come down. There is no pressure, only the pleasure of total escape from the roles of the outside world. While Bare Mountain is open from May through October, we recommend first-time visitors plan their visit in the Summer months in order to experience the mountain at its best.

What To Bring

  • Government Issued Picture ID
  • Towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sarong or Wrap
  • Sandals and Hiking Shoes
  • Food – Water
  • And a smile 🙂


We are a rustic camp. There is no potable running water at Bare Mountain so be sure to bring drinking water or other beverages or buy water, sodas, and snacks located in the refrigerator in the clubhouse. Running water on the grounds can be used for cooking & cleanup.

There are hot outdoor showers at the clubhouse and pool.

We have limited Wi-Fi availability at the common grounds.

Recent First Timer Comment

“It was it first time doing this and we felt right at home. The grounds and area are beautiful. Can’t wait for our camp trip to spend a couple chill, quiet naked days in the hills.”


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